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Do You Dig The Falls?

Do you Dig The Falls? Are you a dedicated waterfall-lover who scours the maps and vigorously explores the lands in search of the next stunning cascade? Or are you someone who casually appreciates a waterfall’s beauty? Happy to browse a waterfall guidebook and visit some here and there. Either way, if you like waterfalls, you “Dig The Falls”! And, either way, you’re more than welcome in our little slice of waterfall heaven! Early on, a lot of people, OK almost […]

Dig The Falls Team


Dig The Falls is growing and while we have a substantial amount of information and waterfall locations, we would like to add more content about New York waterfalls through blogs and other articles. If you are passionate about the outdoors and waterfalls, and are an aspiring (or established) writer/blogger who would like to be a part of the Dig The Falls team, please contact us! Please keep in mind that Dig The Falls is, at the moment, an entirely volunteer […]

Poestenkill Gorge Park Cleanup 2017

PoestenKill Gorge Park – May 7th Cleanup Event

The Dig The Falls Cleanup Event was rained out… Wait! No, it wasn’t! We had some hard-core volunteers join us on this event and we couldn’t have been more proud to host such a great cleanup effort. “The lack of signage and other park amenities shows that this park could really use some appreciation!” The Poestenkill Gorge Park is home to one of the citie’s largest and, possibly, least known natural wonders; Mt. Ida Falls (aka Poestenkill Falls and High Falls). Sitting […]

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