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Tenant Creek Falls – Hope, NY

Tenant Creek Falls 2

Tenant Creek Falls

35-foot Tenant Creek Falls in Hope has become one of the more popular waterfall destinations in the Adirondacks. A moderately easy trail, camping, and two other waterfalls on the creek make for an enjoyable visit.

In 2016, a new trail was created in order to place the trail completely on New York State land and off of private property. The following are the new directions to the yellow-blazed trail.

To get there: GPS: 43°20’54.4″N 74°10’29.0″W – From Northville (junction of Reed Street & North Main Street), drive west/north on Reed Street/Old State Road/Old Northville Road for >3.0 miles. At a big sign for Hope Falls, turn right onto Hope Falls Road/Route 7 and drive north for ~2.5 miles. At Hope Falls (which no longer exists as a hamlet), continue east/north on Hope Falls Road/Route 7 for another ~3.4 miles (or roughly 6.0 miles from the start on Hope Falls Road). At this point, the pavement ends. Proceed north on a dirt-packed continuation of Hope Falls Road/Route 7 for 0.4 mile, and park in an area on your right. Note that the road is season and is closed during the Winter and early Spring. Please check with DEC at for seasonal road closure updates and important bulletins.

Follow the trail northeast for 0.9 mile to the fall.

This waterfall is found in the Adirondack Waterfall Guide by Russell Dunn.

  • Tenant Creek Falls 2

Closest Geolocated Address: 842 Hope Falls Rd, Northville, NY 12134, USA
Location Lat/Long: 43.349812

Tenant Creek Falls – Hope, NY

842 Hope Falls Rd, Northville, NY 12134, USA

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