The Adirondack Fifty Falls Waterfall Challenge

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Dig The Falls is announcing their latest project aimed at helping to spread out the crowds that visit the Adirondack High Peaks: The Adirondack Fifty Falls Waterfall Challenge!

Waterfalls are a mainstay of the Adirondacks. They attract people from all over who come to see their natural beauty. Many of these visitors come to the High Peaks region where the issue of overcrowding is prevalent. Our goal is to help alleviate overcrowding of parking areas and trails by attracting more people to other areas of the Adirondacks. This challenge will not only help with overcrowding, but it is our hope that it will also benefit businesses in these areas.Secluded Cascade

The Adirondack Fifty Falls Challenge requires that participants visit all waterfalls named in the challenge. Following completion and submission of the required information, participants receive a patch to commemorate. Three of the waterfalls require proof of visit in the form of a safely-taken “selfie” with the waterfall.

This will not only help with overcrowding, but it is our hope that it will also benefit businesses in these areas.

Waterfalls from across the Adirondacks are included in the Adirondack Fifty Falls Waterfall Challenge, with only a handful in the High Peaks. Waterfall pros Russell Dunn and John Haywood are writing a guide for the challenge, which will be available in time for the official kick-off. The patch design is in process and will be available in time for the official start of the challenge, which is projected to be Spring 2019.

Dig The Falls is seeking partners/sponsors for this challenge. If interested please contact us at info@digthefalls.com.

We wanted to share this exciting news now in order to get the word out for this Spring! Please help us by sharing!

For more New York waterfall locations, visit our New York State waterfall map.

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