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The ADK 6 Pack – Six Crafted Adirondack Experiences

The ADK 6 Pack is a bit of a mystery, but if you’re patient you will be rewarded soon!

Dig The Falls is excited to announce another Challenge partner that we feel will bring a great deal of value to the region by not only highlighting some great hikes, but also highlighting some great local craft breweries!!

The Challenge claims “32 MILES & 7,753 ELEVATION GAIN”, which sounds like it will be a blast for anyone who participates. At the end, you earn a patch and a decal to boast about your achievement. Details are below – Check out the website as well!!

ADK 6 Pack


Six Adirondack Peaks…

Mountains will be revealed July 1, 2019

Six Adirondack Breweries…

Will be revealed July 1, 2019

Six Adirondack Experiences!

A unique, fun experience in the Adirondacks!

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