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Think Big! A Tiny House Resort | a Dig The Falls Channel Partner

Think Big a tiny house resort

Welcoming our second official Channel Partner!

Think Big! A Tiny House Resort 

From the time we stepped onto the property, John and I knew this was going to be an experience we could share with the Dig The Falls community. We did our research, spoke to Bob (owner of the resort), and saw photos of the property online. We were not prepared for the unbelievable space this family had carved out for visitors to the properties!

Bob has a masterful past that has been painted very well by publications such as Forbes, The New York Times, Wikipedia, a 7-minute segment on the Colbert show, and 2 pages in People Magazine. We will leave the historical facts in their capable hands, but we were able to capture some stories of Bob’s past straight from him in the below video excerpt:


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This is why we love what we do! We meet the most extraordinary people!!

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Channel Partnerships with Dig The Falls do not come to those with great stories, though it’s easy to see Bob and his family have many to tell! These partnerships come to those who share similar vision and thoughtfulness as us! Bob and his family are some of those exceptional persons and their business shows it! While visiting the property for the first time, Dig The Falls was able to add a brand new waterfall to our survey, along with a couple others that are well known by name and to the local area. These guys are legit!

Think Big a tiny house resortA small 15′ waterfall with a wading pool

With almost a dozen Tiny Houses available for use on his 26-acre property, his use of the land is admirable, to say the least! Please visit his site for more information and booking opportunities! ( While you stay, take part in the daily “goat walk” or enjoy the heated inground pool that overlooks the creek.

Think Big a tiny house resortThe goats were in their heated indoor accommodations during our visit!

There are also two more vacation homes a short way from the resort; these properties offer a house rental with waterfall/creek views! On or off-season, the family has you covered.

Our team looks forward to the warmer weather and foliage to capture even more photos of the property, and possibly grab some more great stories from the family. While waiting, please view some of the photos and videos we were able to put together during our short visit to the resort last month!

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Once we are able to get on the property this summer, we will be grabbing more than just cell phone captures of this beautiful home away from home!! Book soon, because these tiny homes book up fast.

For more information on New York State waterfalls, please visit our New York waterfall map.

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