Waterfall Wednesday Clickety Click Jan. 6th 2021

Waterfall Wednesday Clickety Click Jan. 6th 2021
By Bobbieswaterfalls

Oh dear me, I must be going through a forgetful few weeks, or been to busy to fit everything in. I will go with to busy to fit everything in! This Clickety Click should have gone out this morning, it is okay as the day is not yet done. I am doing some random location clicks for you folks tonight. Some locations for re-capping the year 2020.

So what did everyone think of the New Years Eve Ball Drop 2021? Did you stay up for it? Did you go to bed early? I stayed up for the bring in of 2021, however I was very disappointed. I sent out my usual Happy News Year text, along with a picture of the ball dropping. What surprised me was finding that my family members went to bed early. My son Robert, replied with, “hey mom it is not yet midnight here”.

As we move forward into 2021, why not make your mission to accomplish one of our “Waterfall Challenges“. Set some fun and secluded goals to stay safe and healthy at the same time.
We have the following challenges: These challenges were put together and created by John Haywood, Awesome Job!

Adirondack Fifty Falls Challenge, I have about 10 more to go!
Finger Lakes Region Challenge, I have completed
Hudson Valley Challenge
New York State Waterfall Challenge, I have completed

Till next week Folks, have a good week



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