Waterfalls of New York State 100+ Challenge, Dig the Falls, part 5, The North Country Region

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The following list is the first set of locations listed in the book “Waterfalls of New York State” by Scott A. Ensminger of (Western New York Waterfall Survey), David J. Schryver of (Northern New York Waterfalls) and Edwards M. Smathers of (Dig the Falls)

Be sure to check them out! I myself have personally contributed a lot of waterfall location information to both Mr. Edward Smathers and Mr. David Schryver. I am currently a team member with “Dig the Falls”. The simple rules of this challenge, is to visit 100 waterfall locations in the book. One location may have several waterfalls, but counts as one location. Click on the links (I have visited) in the boxes below, which will take you to additional information pages. (NOTE: format is different then the first 4 parts of challenge already posted prior. I thought I had posted all of these, but, ummm well, I did not)

Park, Area County Waterfall Name Aka
  Oswego Salmon River Falls ——-
——- Oneida Pixley Falls ——-
——- Lewis Talcottville Falls Sugar River
——- Lewis Lyons Falls High Falls
——- Lewis Whetstone Falls Whetstone Creek Falls, Whetstone Gulf Falls
Whitaker Falls State Park Lewis Whitaker Falls ——-
——- Lewis Kilbourne Falls ——-
——- Lewis Deer River Falls, Denmark Frenchs Mills and Myers Mills
——- Lewis Kings Falls ——-
——- Jefferson Burrville Falls Burr’s Mill Falls, Cider Mill Falls
——- Jefferson Boynton Creek, falls on ——-
——- Jefferson Talcott Falls ——-
——- Jefferson Black River Falls Great Falls, Watertown Falls
——- Jefferson Black River Village Falls ——-
——- Jefferson Glen Park Falls ——-
——- Jefferson Pleasant Creek Falls Evans Mills Falls, The Falls at Evans Mills
——- St. Lawrence Fullerville Falls ——-
——- St. Lawrence Brown’s Falls ——-
——- St. Lawrence Butter Tub Falls ——-
——- St. Lawrence Chipmunk Falls Schuyler Falls
——- St. Lawrence Basford Falls ——-
——- St. Lawrence Sinclair Falls ——-
——- St. Lawrence Sinclair Falls, Upper ——-
——- St. Lawrence Flat Rock Falls ——-
——- St. Lawrence Twin Falls ——-
——- St. Lawrence Adrenaline Falls Stewart Rapids
——- St. Lawrence Bulkhead Falls ——-
——- St. Lawrence Rainbow Falls Large Marge
——- St. Lawrence Copper Rock Falls ——-
——- St. Lawrence Lampson Falls ——-
——- St. Lawrence Harper Falls ——-
Willow Island/Falls Island St. Lawrence Cascade Falls leftside
Willow Island/Falls Island St. Lawrence Rushton Falls ——-
——- St. Lawrence Allen Falls ——-
——- Franklin St. Regis Falls ——-
——- Franklin High Falls, Salmon River ——-
——- Franklin High Falls, Chateaugay ——-
Ausable Chasm Clinton Essex Ausable Chasm Horseshoe Falls Tiny Cascades and Rapids, downstream from Horseshoe Falls
Ausable Chasm Clinton Essex Ausable Chasm Horseshoe Falls, Lower ——-
Ausable Chasm Clinton Essex Ausable Chasm Rainbow Falls Adgate Falls, Birmingham Falls, Anderson Falls
——- Essex Clinton Alice Falls Little Falls
——- Essex Jay Falls ——-
High Falls Gorge Essex High Falls Gorge-Climax Falls ——-
High Falls Gorge Essex High Falls Gorge-Main Falls ——-
High Falls Gorge Essex High Falls Gorge-Master Pothole ——-
High Falls Gorge Essex High Falls Gorge-Mini ——-
High Falls Gorge Essex High Falls Gorge-Rainbow Falls ——-
——- St. Lawrence Bog River Falls Upper,Lower
AMR Essex Rainbow Falls ——-
——- Essex Roaring Brook Falls, Lower ——-
——- Essex Roaring Brook Falls, Upper ——-
——- Hamilton Christine Falls ——-
——- Hamilton Augar Falls, Lower Auger Falls
——- Hamilton Augar Falls, Middle Auger Falls
——- Hamilton Augar Falls, Upper Auger Falls

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