Bobbieswaterfalls contains a listing of waterfalls that I have personally been to. Nothing more! This website is something I created as a personal goal of mine. I not only cover New York State, but have other states as well. These other states will be listed as soon as I can.

I have comprised counties group by how I visit each region. I have Northern Region, Eastern Region, Western Region, Central Region and Southern Region. Within each region I have the counties. You can also click on the individual counties if you wish to.

I have recently transitioned over to this new website. There is still a lot of work to do here. I have started this website working with my most recent activities and working backwards in years.

Along with the waterfalls, I have included dams and rapids. I am in hopes that down the road I will set the site up and have then in a separate listing.

I have a resource page started and will continue adding more.

I generally have destinations in mind and will set up road trips and cover a lot of miles. Sometimes I come back with not much luck and other times come back with alot to share. My goal each year is to find at least 30 waterfalls. Some years it happens and other years I have hit my goals and more so. My blog posts is usually done by roadtrips. Starting point to ending points. I will be starting that soon.

Again, I will also be listing waterfalls from other states. Seeing as I am from New York State, I am starting here first.

So feel free to check back often!

If there are any errors, feel free to contact me. The photos are all unedited and are as is. The information provided is to the best of my ability. I am not a professional photographer. I do some research on locations, but mostly it is enough for me to find the waterfall. If you are looking for more detailed information on waterfalls, check out the resource page. There is a lot of good information and writeups there.

The people and children you may see in some of the photos are my children, my grandchildren and friends and families. I started doing all this when my children were young and now have the pleasure of doing the same with my grandchildren. Gives me good reason to revisit some of the locations.


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