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Dig The Falls has been fortunate enough to have been blessed with some really great friends in the world of waterfalls.
We would like to take some time to thank these people for their contributions to the content you see on this site.

Adirondack Botanical Society -
To date Steve Young of the Adirondack Botanical Society has been able to provide complete information about many of the waterfalls all over the state of New York. In his work with the New York Natural Heritage Program Steve was able to personally visit and verify hundreds of waterfalls while mapping some of the most unique natural areas in the state.

A site created by Bobbie to share all the waterfalls and unique places she has visited throughout the NorthEast.

Christy and Jan Butler - Berkshire Photos
Christy and Jan have been amazing contributors to our collection of waterfall photos. Christy’s truly unique style lends considerably to our content and we could not be happier to have both of them as friends. Please take the time to visit Berkshire Photos website. While you are there you may want to pay special attention to the collection of posters they have available for purchase.

Russell Dunn - Waterfall Guides of Eastern New York
Russell Dunn and his wife Barbara Delaney have been an inspiration to me and countless other waterfallers in and around New York State for some time. If not for Russell there might not have been a Dig The Falls to begin with. His books have been the key note to the finding of many beautiful untouched waterfalls that you will find on our site. Much of the information on the waterfalls in the Eastern part of New York that are listed or photographed herein originated from one of his books. Please, take the time to look over his collection. We have purchased every one of them and have not been disappointed!

Scott A. Ensminger (Falzguy) - Western New York Waterfall Survey
Scott has played a pivotal role in the collection and verification of the waterfalls in the western half of New York State. With his help we have been able to either verify or add the information for over 800 waterfalls and we have only touched on his knowledge. Please take the time to explore his website; he is not only a waterfall enthusiast, but a very knowledgeable spelunkers as well!

Aaron Campbell and Chris Campbell - Ricketts Glen State Park
“…One of the most scenic areas in Pennsylvania. This large park is composed of 13,050 acres in Luzerne, Sullivan and Columbia counties.” Aaron and Chris have created the Ricketts Glen State Park website to showcase the park’s natural beauty and significance to this amazing area of Pennsylvania.
**In addition to the site above, Aaron has created a photo blog collaboration that shares “A collective of fellow Pennsylvania waterfall enthusiasts sharing their love of waterfalls (in their ‘back yards’) with the internet.” – PA Waterfalls

Raymond Chippa - Pennsylvania Waterfalls
Raymond shares many of the same ideals as DTF’s founder and has become very familiar with our site’s content and offers his experience wherever possible. His unbeatable drive to provide content for all persons interested in waterfalls and nature is inspiring and has only added to fuel to the already blazing fire that is Dig The Falls. For further information on waterfalls in Pennsylvania, please visit his website.

David J. Schryver - Northern New York Waterfalls
David has contributed a number of waterfalls to the northern regions of our waterfall list. With well over 200 waterfalls listed on his site, Norther New York Waterfalls proves to be the most comprehensive website devoted to the waterfalls of Northern New York on the internet to date.

Edward Smathers - Edward Smathers Photography
Edward Smathers is not only the founder of Dig The Falls, but has also contributed greatly to the growth of the waterfalls list for Dig The Falls. As a full-time photographer, his work focuses on the pure essence of New York’s natural surroundings. With an emphasis on the deliberate use of technical skill matched with an artistic eye to capture images that most accurately depict New York nature at its finest.

WiseAcre GardenWiseAcre Gardens Home
Gardener and rock aficionado, who also has a great collection of flower and mushroom photos!

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  1. Valatie is the modern derivation of the Dutch “Vaaltje” or twin falls. There are falls at either end of Main Street in Valatie (Kinderhook), NY, and also falls at Kinderhook Lake.
    All of these falls are viewable from the road.

    In addition, there are falls at nearby Stuyvesant Falls, approx. 3 miles away.

    Be great to see these falls added to your list!!

    Thanks for your consideration,

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