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New York State Waterfall Map

We semi-silently released some new features. Here’s what you need to know! The Dig The Falls New York State Waterfall Map has forever changed and it will only continue to get better. We have uploaded over 100 location so far, which accounts for 5% of the total locations we will eventually be uploading to the Dig The Falls public database. We plan to update everyone with more great news as it comes, but here is what you need to know: […]

Split Rock Falls

Shooting the Falls – Split Rock Falls

Shooting the Falls – Split Rock Falls By John Haywood Split Rock Falls in Underwood, an area inside the Town of Elizabethtown, NY, is without a doubt one of the most popular swimming holes in the Adirondacks. Due to its accessibility, hundreds flock there each year to cool off, hang out, or grab a photograph of this unique place. Here, not only do the falls alone give you a nice image, the entire area makes for a great photograph. It’s […]

Daytrip 2 - Keeseville

Adirondack Waterfall Day-trip Part 2

Adirondack Day-trip Part Two: A Day of Waterfalls, Geology, History, and Adventure! By John Haywood Adirondack Waterfall Day-trip part 2! While this may be a short road trip, its size is made up in content. Keeseville is rich in history and Ausable Chasm has enough entertainment to last the entire day! Whether you hike the trails, ride a raft, or traverse the Ausable River on a cable line, you will not leave disappointed! In addition to the exciting attractions, Ausable […]

Waterfall trip ADK 2

Adirondack Waterfall Day-trip

A day-long waterfall adventure! by John Haywood Everyone loves waterfalls! Those roaring and splashing natural wonders can be found almost everywhere in the Adirondacks. The beauty of the mountains is they have the perfect terrain for the formation of cascades of all types. There are numerous waterfalls along Route 73 alone and a few more on Route 86 leading to Wilmington, that are easily accessible or viewable from roadside. Here is a list of easily accessible waterfalls that would make […]

Rock Garden Falls

The Allure of Waterfalls

The Allure of Waterfalls by John Haywood “Everyone loves waterfalls!” Something I hear so often when talking with people I meet. What is it about these natural wonders that people find so appealing? For most, it’s the waterfalls themselves. From the small cascades found at roadside to the thunderous behemoths like Niagara Falls, there are virtually endless variations for everyone’s enjoyment. A large, crashing waterfall creates a white noise that quickly becomes barely noticeable and can soothe the soul. There […]

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