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Dig The Falls has been approached by several organizations in the past about collaborating. Utilizing data from our waterfall survey in conjunction with other organization data to improve both data sets sounded appealing, but we weren’t 100% able to at that time. With more experience, and a growing Dig The Falls team, we have realized this will be the only way we will continue doing (more) good moving forward.

We presently have information for over 3,000 unique locations throughout the state. We are actively expanding on the survey and will continue to add locations as they are discovered. Dig The Falls aims to complete a full array of data captures for every location, as some of these data points are not fully complete. There are several hundred that will never be published publicly, and will require anyone interested to sign a non disclosure agreement to protect the location and/or property owner.

Qualifications of any interested organization:

  • Submit in writing (email is OK)
    • Project Title
    • Project Scope
    • Specific areas of interest (city, counties, park, etc.)
    • Data Set Requirements (lat/long, accessibility, height, creek name, etc)
    • Purpose of completed project (benefit project will have on the area being studied/surveyed)
  • Must be willing to sign NDA (this is to protect land owners, and also the rights of several of our contributors)
  • Willing to accept a reasonable request for certain data, should your project overlap with the current scope of the waterfall survey. The data will be added to the Dig The Falls survey and be attributed directly to your organization/project.

After your request is submitted, the Dig The Falls team will review the proposed request while also communicating with other persons who may have stake in specific information being requested, and vote on which data we can make available.

All of this may seem fairly strict for a waterfall survey, but we take landowner privacy very seriously. We also have over 100 years of combined efforts to gather this information, so it is close to our hearts. With that being said, any and all serious requests will be considered. We want to be able to work with you and your organization! Being able to aid and add value to projects is very important to the Dig The Falls culture.

Serious inquiries should contact Edward M Smathers (founder of Dig The Falls) if you are interested in collaborating, or have any questions: info@digthefalls.com – SUBJECT: Collaboration Inquiry

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