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New York State Waterfall Guide

New York State Waterfall Guide

An Adventurer’s Guide to the Empire State’s Cool Cascades Introducing the newest New York State Waterfall Guide! Featuring 121 waterfalls from across New York State, plus additional nearby waterfalls! We explore the usual spots as well as many of the lesser-visited waterfalls. Areas such as the Stag Brook Trail in the Adirondacks, the Falls Creek Gorge Trail in Ithaca, and more waterfalls in the lower Hudson Valley! Did you know there are waterfalls in New York City?! With access to […]

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Keeping Occupied and Keeping Safe

Alternatives to the same old places. by John Haywood While we love the outdoors and normally encourage people to get outside, we at Dig The Falls are not taking a side here. We are simply offering alternatives for places to go if you absolutely must. The goal is to give you options and ideas for keeping occupied and keeping safe during these trying times. The fear is, if too many people are ignoring the government’s recommendations, they’ll soon become mandates. […]

Hudson Valley Waterfall Guide Cover

Waterfall Challenge Patch Design Contest

We’re kicking off a waterfall challenge patch design contest for the Hudson Valley Waterfall Challenge! The design will be a 3.5″ circular patch and must represent the Hudson Valley without including any copyrighted material/images. The patch must also contain the words “Hudson Valley Waterfall Challenge”. Submitted entries must be in digital, high resolution, format. No images of drawings on paper, please. Email entries to hudsonvalleywaterfalls@gmail.com The winner will be announced no later than Sunday, May 31st and will receive a […]

Hudson Valley Waterfall Guide Cover

Hudson Valley Waterfall Challenge

To celebrate the waterfalls of the Hudson Valley, we have created the Hudson Valley Waterfall Challenge! The latest of the Dig The Falls waterfalls patch challenges. Having the Adirondack Fifty Falls Challenge and Finger Lakes Region Waterfall Challenge, we didn’t want to leave out one of the most beautiful and historic areas of New York State; the Hudson Valley! Known for its rich history, art, and breath-taking scenery, the Hudson Valley has become a go-to destination. In addition to its […]

Chasing Waterfalls of the Finger Lakes

Chasing Waterfalls of the Finger Lakes by Donna McCabe @bookgirl911 on Instagram My family & I are back on the road and this time we’re heading to the Finger Lakes.  I have three left to visit to finish the region as listed in Waterfalls of New York State.  Fall colors are starting to pop and the weather is looking good so this should be a fun trip! We started out by heading to find Twin Falls aka Templar Falls in […]