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NYS Invasive Species Management Partnership

When the majority of us head out into the woods or out on the lake for a fun day of recreation, we seldom think, if at all, about the impact that a tiny insect or fish could have on an entire ecosystem. We also don’t consider the impacts of not rinsing down a boat or waders, or checking clothing and hiking gear for hitch-hiking beetles. The simple truth is that the majority of us just don’t know.

Lake George
Lake George has battled Zebra Mussels for decades.

What are invasive species? They are non-native species that cause harm to the environment, ecology, economy, and even human health. Often transported from other countries on ships and planes, these invaders come as plants and animals that quickly take hold and multiply.

Zebra Mussel
Zebra Mussel. Photo: Wikipedia

You may ask “What harm can a little clam have?” or say “It’s just a bug.” In reality, the impact is great and the stakes are high. Zebra Mussels, Emerald Ash Borers, Asian Long-Horned Beetles, and many other invasive species will threaten an ecology by disrupting and destroying the natural habitats of other native animals. They also create economic burden when millions of dollars must be spent each year to remove them and repair damage. Just think of how those dollars could be spent in a more meaningful way!

There will be training and field work geared toward the prevention of invasive species which will also be folded into our ongoing projects.

That being said, Dig The Falls is excited to announce that we are now a partner with the Capital-Mohawk Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management (PRISM)! We will be working closely with them as we, along with other partners, help carryout the New York State Invasive Species Comprehensive Management Plan. There will be training and field work geared toward prevention of invasive species which will also be folded into our ongoing projects.

Updates on our work will be available, and we encourage you to visit their website, and that of NYS DEC for more information on invasive species and these programs and to find out how you can help. We have provided links below. Also, stay in touch with us for upcoming events, cleanup days, and stewardship activities. If you would like to join our volunteer team, please email us at

NYS DEC Invasive Species Comprehensive Management Plan

Capital-Mohawk PRISM

Invasive Species – Animals

Invasive Species – Plants

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