Waterfall Wednesday Clickety Click Nov. 25th 2020

By Bobbieswaterfalls

Today’s Clickety Clicks are my Thoughts and feelings of Thankfulness. (this weeks clicks will take you to people and reading, taking special time for thanks) It is that one day of every year that we really think back and share what we are Thankful for.

As we all gather together tomorrow for Thanksgiving, or at least try to during this year of Covid, Really take a moment and reflect on all the times you can pull out that are positive and give Thanks! And very importantly as we reflect on our thankfulness, Pray for those that are struggling with Covid sickness, finances, stress, depression, schooling, loneliness, etc.

I have been seeing and reading on many ideas of how folks may get together in a virtual way. Some families will be gathering together as normal and others are taking careful considerations and measures to protect themselves.

I rarely discuss myself personally, but I struggle, have for many years. I struggle with anxiety and depression. I may even struggle with social anxiety. Everyone that knows me personally always makes these comments, “Hey Hermit” or “Get out of the woods and see people” and so on. I have found my ways to cope, and to not fall. However the past few years I have fallen. I am human. I do need to recharge my batteries and find a way to keep going and to get up each and every day and convince myself it is a new day, yet everyday is a repeat from yesterday.

This brings me to what I am Thankful for: (not in a specific order of thanks)

My Ex Mother in Law, which has become my dearest friend. She has carried me through the past many years to help me in every way possible with helping me help my grandchildren succeed. When I was down, she was up, and when she was down I was up. We reconciled our differences during the time I was married to her son. What this should help folks to understand, friendship comes from places you would not otherwise consider.

My Children Charles and Robert, they have completely and totally blown me out of the trees and stepped up to help me these past couple of years. They have grown into very fine young men, and I am so proud and blessed to have them.

I am Thankful to Pastor Bob and Crystal, for always being there for my Boys in many ways. I am thankful to them for not being judged and lending a helping hand or an ear or a hug.

I am thankful for the opportunity to raise my grandchildren. They have given me much joy, much stress, and definitely keep me young and on my toes.

My most ongoing thankfulness is being a team member of Dig the Falls, and so very thankful to have chosen them to be my new home for “Bobbieswaterfalls”. As we all get older, most folks think of how they will write their “Will’s”, what is going where and to whom, etc. My most valuable possession is my Waterfall stuff, website, research papers all in filing cabinets, mapping stuff, books, etc. I had waited many years hoping to see at least one relative that would carry on “Bobbieswaterfalls”. So to my new family, Dig the Falls: Mr. Smathers and Jessica, the sweetest folks ever and so nice and generous. No matter what they are going through, they are there for you. To Mr. Haywood, together we do great work! We have run many circles, but always come back to meet somewhere in the middle. Great work John. We have Julie, and Stash, and others, thanks for making me smile at your strength and silliness and love.

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