Diamond Hill Falls, Herkimer County Ny 1-13-2013

How do you feel after visiting one of your favorite waterfalls?

After a short hike, or visiting a roadside waterfall, you can feel the impacts on your mental and physical well-being. Waterfalls have a positive effect on their surroundings, nature and us. It is not something many discuss openly, but waterfalls are powerful and impactful for those who choose to focus on these positive benefits.

Joshua Myers

A long time friend gave me the heads up, years ago. After returning from active duty, he would frequent local waterfalls due to their healing abilities. The phycological effects were very positive and helped him assimilate back to normal life after deployment. You will find explainer videos for how this works, but this is not something you force into working for you. This is something that happens almost unconsciously, although has a greater impact if you are self-aware enough to maximize the experience.

Why do waterfalls make you happy?
The negative ions caused by the falling water and the wearing away of the rocks and minerals at the waterfall’s base, create a healing and energizing experience for everyone.

Think mountains, waterfalls, and beaches. Once they reach our bloodstream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy. – WebMD

Some liken a visit to a large waterfall, sitting at its base and watching the water fall in surround sound, to a spiritual endeavor that effects every organ of their body. Others report a much more extreme connection that is more powerful than those created by hallucinogens. Either way, it has been scientifically proven that nature and waterfalls have an overall positive impact on your physical and mental well-being.

Button Falls, Madison County, New York

The next time you are at your favorite waterfall, sit and take it in. Leave everything else to later and enjoy the now. Focus on the falling water and hear the sounds created by it. Let it surround you.

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