Beaver Meadow Falls – Keene Valley

Beaver Meadow Falls

Beaver Meadow Falls; an Adirondack crown jewel waterfall!

“Beaver Meadow Falls is easily one of the most photographed waterfalls in the Adirondacks. This giant waterfall looms at an impressive height of 60 feet and cascades down a series of narrow steps; so narrow, in fact, that the waterfall’s versatility is never compromised. Many have described the fall as being bridal veil in appearance.

At one time a wooden bridge crossed directly in front of the waterfall but was washed away some years ago during one of Beaver Meadow Brook’s rampages.

Beaver Meadow Falls is formed on Beaver Meadow Brook—a moderate-sized stream that rises from the east and south slopes of Upper Wolfjaw Mtn. Its name comes from the meadow that Beaver Meadow Brook passes through as it makes its way downstream from the fall into the East Branch. The meadow is a very scenic area to photograph.

Many photos have been taken of Beaver Meadow Falls. Two of the prettiest are in Nathan Farb’s 1985 classic, The Adirondacks and in Den Linnehan’s 2004 book, Adirondack Splendor. There is also a large, close-up, black & white photograph of the waterfall in Howard Kirschenbaum’s 1983 book, The Adirondack Guide.

In her 1987 book, ‘Up the Lake Road: The First Hundred Years of the Adirondack Mountain Reserve‘, Edith Pilcher mentions another waterfall on Beaver Meadow Brook higher up along the trail to Gothics. Apparently, it was favored by earlier generations but has fallen into obscurity today, partially concealed behind brush and vegetation. An accompanying photograph in her book shows a cascade some 8─10-feet high dropping down a rocky streambed.

To Beaver Meadow Falls: Continue south from the “Falls on East Branch”, following the West River Trail for another 0.4 miles (or ~2.7 miles from the West River Trailhead) to reach Beaver Meadow Falls [44°07.736’N 73°48.992’W]. Just before reaching the waterfall, you will cross over a small footbridge spanning Beaver Meadow Brook downstream from the fall and then come up to the base of the waterfall within a hundred feet.

For those approaching from the East River Trail, Beaver Meadow Falls is only ~200 feet up from the west end of the Beaver Meadow Falls Footbridge. The bridge, which spans the East Branch, was rebuilt in 1999 in memory of George H. Bright. To be sure, many of the bridges spanning the East Branch have had to be rebuilt a number of times due to the river’s power and ferocity. The East Branch is not a river to be trifled with or underestimated!”


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  • Beaver Meadow Falls

Closest Geolocated Address: 32 Lake Rd, Keene Valley, NY 12943, USA
Location Lat/Long: 44.129971, -73.817429

Beaver Meadow Falls – Keene Valley

32 Lake Rd, Keene Valley, NY 12943, USA
Distance: 12.79 km

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