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Category : Waterfall Locations


Yatesville Falls State Forest – Sprakers

Do you enjoy Amish homesteads? Well, a trip to Yatesville Falls State Forest has you covered! Yatesville Falls State Forest is located in the town of Randall, Montgomery County, NY. Along with Rural Grove State Forest, Yatesville Falls State Forest is part of an over 1,700 acre Forest Preserve. Yatesville Falls has been called Buttermilk Falls and Vroomans Falls, but it is not the only waterfall in the state forest. There are actually a couple of waterfalls located upstream and […]


Willow Island Park – Rushton Falls and Cascade Falls – Canton

Willow Island Park – Including Rushton Falls and Cascade Falls. Rushton Falls and Cascade Falls are cascades that run on either side of Falls Island (Canton Town Park/Willow Island park), which can be easily viewed from the Grasse River Heritage Trail. While the name implies that these are a set of falls, they are technically not, due to their not being enough of a drop in elevation over a certain length of the river. None the less, the park is […]


Akron Falls Park – Akron

And you thought Akron Ohio was a big deal!! Akron Falls is one of several waterfalls located inside the park bounds. This main waterfall is the tallest, measuring at about 44′ and is very dynamic in its flow depending on the time of year it is visited. Due to the unique formation of its rock face, during lower flows, the water does not travel over the crest. Instead, it flows through cracks from the top and out of various smaller […]


Wintergreen Park – Canajoharie Falls – Canajoharie

Wintergreen Park encompasses several cascades and one really great waterfall called Canajoharie Falls! Canajoharie Falls is located inside Wintergreen Park, just outside of the town of Canajoharie, NY. Measuring at around 45′ in height, many people have found themselves in danger because of jumping from the top of the waterfall. The hike to this waterfall is about one-mile round trip, walking on a well-maintained gravel path. It consists of some up and downhill hiking, but should not be very strenuous […]


Peebles Island State Park – Buttermilk Falls – Cohoes

Buttermilk Falls is a highlight of the area, but not the only reason to visit! AKA: Horseshoe Falls Peebles Island State Park is a small state-owned preserve in Watervliet, NY at the convergence of the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers. There is one large crested waterfall located on the south-eastern corner of the preserve, which can be easily accessed from the outer rim trail. The waterfall is about 15′ high and has a crest measured at about 75′. This is not […]

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