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Category : Waterfall Locations

The Flume on Gill Brook – Keene

One of the first waterfalls you will encounter along Gill Brook on the Adirondack Mountain Reserve is the Flume on Gill Brook. While this is a relatively small waterfall, its surroundings are magnificent! A short spur trail with a sign reading “The Flume” directs you off of Lake Road. This leads to a large and very deep pool that forms at the base of this waterfall which sits back in a small, steep gorge. A perfect spot for cooling off on […]

Sonoma Falls, Sullivan County, New York

Sonoma Falls – Livingston Manor

The cider mill may not be open, but Sonoma Falls will always be there. The falls are beautiful and picturesque, although some have mentioned it looks smaller in person than in photos. We tend to take every waterfall as it is: a work of nature! Sonoma Falls – Livingston Manor Location: Livingston Manor, Rockland Town Parking and Trailhead: 41.87148, -74.79980 Stream/River/Watershed: Little Beaver Kill Height of Falls/Type: 75 ft, total 7 cascades Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: Moderate can be muddy or slippery at […]

New Croton Dam

Croton Gorge Park

History and architecture come to life in this waterfall The waterfall at Croton Gorge Park, in Cortlandt, is only half the attraction as the massive New Croton Dam almost steals the show with its impressive 1800s architecture. The dam, built between 1837 and 1842, measures 297 feet tall by 266 feet wide and stretches 2,188 feet end-to-end. The reservoir now supplies 200-300 million gallons of water to New York City each day via aqueduct. Croton Gorge Park is a 97-acre […]

Faville Falls, Herkimer County, New York

Faville Falls – 3 Waterfalls – Dolgeville

Out of the way, Faville Falls is a retreat worth spending a little time exploring! Faville Falls – 3 Waterfalls AKA: Faville’s Falls Location: Dolgeville Parking and Trailhead: 43.10535, 74.80650 Stream/River/Watershed: Ransome Creek/Gillette Creek Height of Falls/Type: By Rd 25 ft Upper 10 ft Lower 20 ft, Drop Slide Cascade Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: About .4 Miles Roundtrip Comments/Notes: You can see the metal footbridge from the parking area. As you walk down toward the footbridge, you will see the first sets of […]

Fallsburg Falls – Fallsburg

Fallsburg Falls, located in Fallsburg is a great place to visit in the fall as long as you… Well… Nevermind… Fallsburg Falls – Fallsburg  AKA: Old Falls Location: Fallsburg Parking and Trailhead: 41.73061, -74.60398  Stream/River/Watershed: Neversink River Height of Falls/Type: Cascades and old man-made damn Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: Roadside, short Comments/Notes: There is a pavilion and restrooms available here. There are several short little paths that lead down to the falls. The overall location is nicely located since it is located close to […]

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