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Chasing Waterfalls – Revisiting Rensselaerville Falls

Chasing Waterfalls – Revisiting Rensselaerville Falls By Donna McCabe aka Bookgirl911 Back in November 2018 I had the opportunity to see Rensselaerville Falls which is located on the grounds of the E.N. Huyck (pronounced “hike”) Preserve and Biological Research Station.  The preserve covers 2000 acres and offers 12 miles of hiking trails around Lake Myosotis, Lincoln Pond and Rensselaerville Falls.  Along these trails you’ll see remnants of original stone walls that marked off 160-acre lots when the land was first […]

Family-Friendly Waterfall Hikes in the Adirondacks guide now available!

John Haywood has published the new waterfall guide for the Adirondacks that is a compilation of shorter and easier-to-get-to waterfalls; Family-Friendly Waterfall Hikes in the Adirondacks! A variety of short walks and roadside waterfalls that are sure to become a family favorite as many fans of Dig The Falls have asked about just that. Now, they’re all available in one, no-frills guide, with not only easy-to-read directions, but access to an interactive map for directions as well! All you have […]

Chasing Waterfalls – North Country/Watertown – Part 2

Chasing Waterfalls – North Country/Watertown – Part 2 by Donna McCabe My family I are on day 2 of our vacation and today’s plan is to visit four waterfalls. Looking at the waterfall map of the area, I chose four to visit based on their locations and proximity to each other. We have plenty of time to explore all four in one day and not be completely exhausted when we’re done. We could easily make a day of this trip […]

Chasing Waterfalls – North Country/Watertown, Part 1

Chasing Waterfalls – North Country/Watertown Area Part 1 by Donna McCabe Earlier this spring, my husband & I began planning our family’s summer vacation.  We like to visit new places and typically travel down the east coast but this year we opted to stay in New York and head up towards Watertown and the Thousand Islands.  In past years we stayed on the Canadian side of the border but this year we wanted to visit the US side.  As with […]

The Last Known Surviving Female Chittenango Ovate Amber Snail Has Been Found, Crushed By An Impostor Cairn

As many know… The Chittenango Ovate Amber Snail is an endangered member of the ambersnail species of snails. Discovered in 1905, the snail is only known to inhabit the falls area of the Chittenango Falls State Park. Attempts to limit the interactions of humans and the snails has been fruitful, but recently an alarming trend has arisen! Impostor cairns are being stacked along creek beds and trails systems everywhere. Well-intentioned hikers have been creating these towers of doom to create […]

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