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A Year in Review for New York State Waterfall Lovers

This has been an amazing year for those who love New York State Waterfalls, and Dig The Falls! Dig The Falls has gone through some amazing changes; we have our Team and the waterfall community to thank for that! Our team will be growing to include a couple more waterfall lovers, which we will be announcing after the New Year. We also wanted to announce to everyone that the Dig The Falls family is expecting other additions sometime mid-2017: Jessica Painter […]

New York State Waterfall List – What’ Up?

Doing things the right way is hard work… No one ever said that doing things the right way would always be easy. And putting together the information needed for The Waterfall List v2.0 is a great example of that! There are well over 2,000 waterfalls in New York State. I believe we have stated that in the past, but when put into the context of how many lines of data that involves, it is a daunting number to process. “One […]

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Waterfallers Remorse

Image © Stash Rusin Waterfallers Remorse: the sense of regret after having visited a waterfall, associated with the lack of a camera and/or video recording device proving your visit was one of success. Waterfallers Remorse is not curable, although it can be dealt with through learned behaviors over time, including, but not limited to, enjoying the visit without electronic devices, paying attention to your surrounding and counting how many red leaves you find on the trail. If you or someone […]

John Boyd Thacher State Park – A Secret Waterfall?

Russell Dunn surprises us with a story about a forgotten waterfall at John Boyd Thacher State Park: As you can see, we didn’t take too much time to gather the video because this talk was an exclusive for all who attended this particular Dig The Falls meet up at John Boyd Thacher State Park. We hope to have another activity set very soon. Until then, please show your support by signing up for our Newsletter to the right. We have […]

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New York State Waterfall Coalition

But you can call it NYSWC, if you like. You will be hearing a lot of buzz around the newly formed NYSWC and what it means to Dig The Falls and, more importantly, to you! “One of which you may know well; Russell Dunn.” Right now, we are proud to say that we have teamed up as underwriters of sorts for the coalition. Along with the DTF Team, the NYSWC has pulled in some really great members. One of which you […]