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High Falls at High Falls Park Campground – Chateaugay


Likely New York’s most northern waterfall

High Falls is located on the High Falls Park Campground property and is bordered on the other side of the river by private property and a hydroelectric building (not known to be in commission at this time).

This 120′ waterfall can be most safely accessed through the campground, which generously offers access to the waterfall for a $2 fee (when we last visited). Of course, the campground wants everyone to be safe, so there will be times when the banks are considered too dangerous for admission. There have been a number of stairs and small decking platforms built to ease the access to the banks, which a much too steep to traverse without them. All other access points are posted to strictly as well.
The campground address is:
34 Cemetery Rd
Chateaugay, NY 12920

While the stairs are not built with wheelchair accessibility in mind, there are still some views of the falls from the top of the gorge. Family pets are welcomed, but keep them leashed. Our Bassett Hound made the hike, but the steps were too steap for him to handle on his own without a leash.

For more information on New York State waterfall locations, please visit out New York waterfalls map.

Closest Geolocated Address: Jerdon Rd, Chateaugay, NY 12920, USA
Location Lat/Long: 44.908157

High Falls at High Falls Park Campground – Chateaugay

Jerdon Rd, Chateaugay, NY 12920, USA

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