Not to be mistaken for Angel falls, which is located elsewhere in the area!

Java Falls is a beautiful roadside waterfall that can be easily accessed and photographed by using the small path by the bridge that is a short distance downstream from the main waterfall.

Incorrectly labeled on historical topo maps and Google Maps as Angel Falls, this smaller waterfall is actually named Java Falls. The actual location of Angel Falls is elsewhere in the area, on private property, and cannot be accessed by the general public.

When traveling through Java it can be easy to pass right by this little gem. There are no markers and the bridge is quite small. Keep a keen eye out for roadside parking or walk up from the local store when you visit. The waterfall is small, but worth visiting for any waterfall enthusiast passing through the village.

Waterfall Name: Java Falls
Alternative Name(s): Turtle Falls, Known incorrectly as Angel Falls
Phone: …..
Website: …..

Classification: Analysis in Progress
Height: 6’/3′
Crest: 33’/8′
Access/Location Classification: Accessible/May not be verified

Waterway: Beaver Meadow Creek
Cave/Forest/Preserve Name: n/a
Clove/Gulch/Valley/Glen: n/a
Gorge/Hollow/Gulf/Gully/Ravine/Chasm: n/a
Lat/Long: 42.67112, -78.43461
Altitude (Appx Meters): 361.7

Town: Java
County: Wyoming
NYS Tourism Region: Niagara Frontier
NYS Tourism:
NYDEC Region: Western New York
NYDEC Contact:

Parking: 42.6719, -78.4357
Parking Notes: …..
Trail head: 42.6719, -78.4357
Trail Notes: Roadside view
We are in the process of collecting trails via, which we will make available in the near future. “Analysis In Progress”, “TBD”, and empty fields denote information currently being collected.

Source 2: Steve Young
Source 3:
Source 4: …..

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