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Verkeerderkill Falls – Minnewaska State Park Preserve: Sam’s Point Area – Ellenville

Verkeerderkill Falls

Verkeerderkill Falls, Ice Caves, and Dwarf Pine Barrens. Oh, My!

Address: 400 Sam’s Point Road, Cragsmoor, NY 12420

Phone: (845) 647-7989


This is one of those areas you visit and tell the story to your friends for months after. The hikes range from easy to very difficult, but you can reach the falls on a moderate difficulty trail. The only reason it is moderate, in our eyes, is that we had a basset hound with us and had to carry him out after he scuffed a paw on the hard rock face.

The hike is a couple miles round trip, but feels a bit longer due to the many trails you can explore on the way to the falls. And if you hike this during a hot day make sure to take water. The dwarf pines only offer enough shade for children and doggies 🙂

During the hike, you will be walking the ridge, although it may not feel it at times. You will creek walk just above the falls and be standing on a very high cliff to get the best views. Be careful! We cannot overstate that for this part of the adventure.

The adventure center is great and the trail maps are really exceptional. We suggest mixing this hike up with Minnawaska Falls, if you are in it just for the waterfalls alone.

For more New York State waterfall locations, please visit our New York waterfalls map.

  • Verkeerderkill Falls

Closest Geolocated Address: 400 Sams Point Rd, Cragsmoor, NY 12420, USA

Verkeerderkill Falls – Minnewaska State Park Preserve: Sam’s Point Area – Ellenville

400 Sam’s Point Road, Cragsmoor, NY 12420

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