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West Kill Falls (Diamond Notch Falls) – West Kill

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West Kill Falls or also called Diamond Notch Falls, is located in the eastern part of the Catskill Mountains and in the town of West Kill. West Kill Falls is a side by side fall, both totaling around 15ft each.

West Kill Falls is located at the very end of Sprucetown Road in the town of West Kill. You can park at the DEC parking lot at the very end of the road or at the DEC parking lot for the Hunter Mountain hiking trail. After parking, go around the gate and hike around 1 mile just before to the trail junction of West Kill Mountain/Hunter Mountain/Diamond Notch Carriage Road and look to your right, the falls are located below the wooden bridge. This is a very relaxing place. Because of its remote location, the only people who visit these falls are hikers who are passing through.

The trail you are walking on to get to West Kill Falls used to be an old carriage road that connected Spruceton Road and Route 214. The trail first existed for the Mohawk Indians who used it to travel from valley-to-valley. They probably used the actual jagged Diamond Notch to travel over the pass. The Europeans then built the first road over the pass. The first road followed the notch down the east side much closer to the notch. Later on, a new road was built on the east side that was higher up on the mountainside. In 1937, the NYS DEC then created the second carriage road as a hiking trail. It remains this way today.

Closest Geolocated Address: 2778 Spruceton Rd, West Kill, NY 12492, USA
Location Lat/Long: 42.176926

West Kill Falls (Diamond Notch Falls) – West Kill

2778 Spruceton Rd, West Kill, NY 12492, USA

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