Belfort Dam and Falls, Croghan Twn, Lewis County, New York

Imagine this location, 100 years ago…

Belfort Dam (and Falls) is a publicly accessible, and fishable, location that would be nice to visit with the whole family. Home to the ruins of old dams, there were likely a half dozen other falls near Belfort Pond inlet and outlet before the dams were put in place.

This is a great area to visit and we suggest bringing the kids!

Location: Croghan
Parking and Trailhead: N43.92780 W75.33263
Stream/River/Watershed: Beaver River
Height of Falls/Type: 25 ft, Dam and Falls
Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: Short, Roadside

-The Dam and Falls on your right.
-There is a flume/chute like falls across the bridge, but start under the bridge and drops down beside the old buildings.
-Landmark: Belfort Pond
-Public Fishing Access, Handicap Accessible
-There is also a hiking path north of the buildings and to the left side of the road that goes down to the river below. This starts out steep at first then levels off on a nice path.

For more information on this area please visit bobbieswaterfalls

Directions: From the intersection of Hwy 812 and Bridge St in Croghan, take Hwy 812 North for .2 miles and bear right onto Belfort Rd. On Belfort Rd drive 3.3 miles. Bear left here and drive another .1 miles to the parking area on your right just across the bridge.

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