Bobbieswaterfalls 2019 Goals/Update 2-3-2019

Slacking, Slacking, Slacking!!!
It has been a pretty tough 2018, a lot of ups and downs on a personal level, which as I see now has greatly impacted my up keep and work going on #Bobbieswaterfalls website.

So to all my readers and followers, my apologies!
I have recently jumped back into continuance of the revamp and updates to my website! pages are becoming accessible again. As well as by doing so, have given myself a new goal that will help keep me on track. Stay Tuned, as the first blog of many “Series” will be posted soon. Hint: #Series

Also, on the backend, as most everyone knows #Dig the falls, is growing, improving and expanding in all areas. This is keeping us all busy. Please take some time and read up on some news posted there.

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