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Hudson Valley Waterfall Roadtrip Map

Hudson Valley Waterfall Roadtrip

Hudson Valley Waterfall Roadtrip by John Haywood What better region in eastern New York state than the Hudson Valley for a waterfall roadtrip?! The topography of the Hudson River watershed creates breathtaking views and magnificent waterfalls, and the small towns and historic cities add a charm all their own. The Hudson Valley is steeped in a deep, rich history that dates back hundreds of years. Exquisite architecture, lavish homes, and seemingly endless scenery are but a hint of the allure […]

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U.S. Route 20 Waterfall Roadtrip

Route 20 Waterfall Roadtrip Experience the Heart of New York on an Epic Waterfall Adventure! by John Haywood Since 1926, U.S. Route 20 has run through the heart of the United States, from the Pacific Northwest to New England. The 372-mile stretch that spans east to west across New York State, much of which is designated a scenic byway due to the sweeping views and roadside sights, has a lot more to offer than just scenic vistas. As you travel […]

Doubling Down For 2020 – Thank You, For A Wonderful 2019!

We could not have reached our goals without you! 2019 was the biggest year to date for Dig The Falls. As you may know, we were founded in 2005 and began as a website devoted to gathering as much information for every waterfall in New York State. The past four years have made many additions to that original goal, and we have many more we plan to add. The Dig The Falls Team has grown (we still need to add […]

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Do You Dig The Falls?

Do you Dig The Falls? Are you a dedicated waterfall-lover who scours the maps and vigorously explores the lands in search of the next stunning cascade? Or are you someone who casually appreciates a waterfall’s beauty? Happy to browse a waterfall guidebook and visit some here and there. Either way, if you like waterfalls, you “Dig The Falls”! And, either way, you’re more than welcome in our little slice of waterfall heaven! Early on, a lot of people, OK almost […]

Waterfalls of Stag Brook

“The Hidden Gems of Whiteface Mountain By John Haywood When someone hears the name Whiteface Mountain, they often think of skiing, Oktoberfest, or the drive to the summit with the stunning views. What many don’t realize is that Whiteface is home to well-over a dozen waterfalls! Here, we’ll cover the waterfalls of Stag Brook! On the eastern slopes, among the ski runs and slides, Stag Brook flows down to meet the West Branch Ausable River. Home to over a dozen […]

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