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New York Waterfall Map

The most comprehensive interactive New York waterfall map available to the public! Packed with features to help you find your favorite waterfalls, our map of New York waterfalls will help you plan your perfect waterfall roadtrip! Find waterfalls closest to your current location or nearby a waterfall that you’d like to visit! Find waterfalls nearby by entering your zip code! Google maps to help you plot driving directions! GPS coordinates and photos to ensure you find the waterfall you’re looking […]

Rainbow Falls Keene waterfall

Best Adirondack Waterfall Hikes

Best Adirondack Waterfall Hikes by John Haywood There certainly is no shortage of waterfalls in the Adirondacks! Thousands can be found among the streams, brooks, and rivers that flow throughout the over six-million acres that comprise the Adirondacks. We have compiled a list of our favorite, and what we consider to be the best, Adirondack waterfall hikes. These hikes include some of he most notable Adirondack waterfalls that you can visit without having to hike great distances or grueling trails. […]

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Adirondack Fifty Falls Challenge Guide Now Available!

The guidebook for the Adirondack Fifty Falls Challenge is now available! Waterfall experts John Haywood and Russell Dunn bring you previously unpublished locations and content in this 134-page guide that includes GPS, directions, a photo to help identify each waterfall, and a small map for each to be used a general area reference. There is also a checklist in the back of the guide to help you keep track of your visits. The well-respected duo, known for waterfall guides and […]

Fifty Falls Patch

The Adirondack Fifty Falls Challenge is here!

The Adirondack Fifty Falls Challenge is here! Russell Dunn and John Haywood bring their years of experience and expertise together to bring you the Adirondack Fifty Falls Waterfalls Challenge! Waterfalls are a mainstay of the Adirondacks that attract people from all over who come to see their natural beauty. Many of these visitors come to the High Peaks region where the issue of overcrowding is prevalent. Our goal is to help alleviate overcrowding of parking areas, roadways, and trails by […]

Waterfall Wednesday Roadtrip

Waterfall Wednesday Roadtrip By Donna McCabe We all know the change from Winter to Spring isn’t the prettiest with all the mud and either snow or rain usually in the forecast.  Lately, it seems all the sunny days have been in the middle of the week and the weekend having not so great weather – definitely not the kind to get out and chase waterfalls.  I had been getting an itch to be out exploring and increase my numbers in […]

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