Farrington Road Falls, Wolf Hollow, Herkimer County, Fairfield Town

A.K.A. – Wolf Hollow Falls


Parking and Trailhead: 43.16468, -74.98159
Stream/River/Watershed: City Brook/Wolf Hollow Creek
Height of Falls/Type: 15 ft, Step, multiple locations
Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: Roadside

Park on the roadside just after the bridge, just up from the Castle Road intersection. From this parking area, there is a small herd path that leads right up to the falls. Farther upstream there are more falls if you are in an adventurous mood.

The next waterfall you would visit has been called Upper Falls by Bobbieswaterfalls. Google imagery shows 5 sections of falls in this area before you reach the location for High Falls (Middleville).

Falls #2: 43.16503, -74.97960
Falls #3: 43.16493, -74.97863
Falls #4: 43.16493, -74.97787
Falls #5: N3.16503, -74.97681
For more information on this location please visit Bobbieswaterfalls

Directions: The directions described here include the stops in the same local area.

  • First stop: Falls on Old City Road
  • Second stop: Falls on Farrington Road
  • Third stop: High Falls

From I-90 W, at Indian Castle, Take exit 29A to the right onto Rt-169 towards Little Falls/Dolgeville and drive for 2.7 miles. Turn left onto Hwy 167 W and drive for .7 miles. Turn right onto S Ann St and drive for .3 miles. Turn left onto W Monroe St and drive for 10.8 miles. Turn right onto Castle Rd and drive for .2 miles. Keep left onto Old City Rd and drive for .2 miles. Which comes to a dead end at the bridge. Old City Rd Falls Parking From here turn around and get back on Castle Rd (turning left off of Old City Rd) and drive for .3 miles. Turn left onto Farrington Rd. You will immediately see the bridge over the creek. Park anywhere here before or after the bridge. Farrington Rd Falls Parking From here turn back around and turn left onto Castle Rd and drive for .5 miles. High Falls (Middleville) aka Wolf Hollow Creek Falls Parking Park here on the side of the road. The falls will be on your left.

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