Lansing Kill Falls, Lansing Kill, Oneida County, New York

A Double Treat You Can’t Resist!

Parking and Trailhead: N43.43334 W75.32817
Stream/River/Watershed: Lansing Kill Creek
Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: Short Scramble

There is a small parking spot almost directly in front of an access point for the Erie canal trail system. You will see the bridge and falls from the road. From the road walk over to the bridge. Be sure to take a moment and look to your left at the bridge. It is hard to imagine what appears to be so small of a stream that creates such a huge waterfall. As you are standing on the bridge, to your right you are standing at the top of the first waterfall, this is Lansing Kill Falls. Straight ahead in the distance is Bakers Falls. Continue across the bridge and directly to your right is a well worn path. NOTE: This is not a area to take children down to the bottom! The trail is steep and was very muddy and slippery. The trail is not maintained. There was no posted signs that we could see. Just as you start down the main path, you will be looking for a path to your right that will get you down to the bottom between the two waterfalls. Lansing Kill Falls is fed by the Lansing Kill River. Bakers Falls is fed by the Lansing Kill Creek. They both meet at the bottom and continue the flow into Lansing Kill River.

For additional information and photos, please visit Bobbieswaterfalls

Directions: From I-90 W, in Westmoreland, Take exit 32 to the right towards Rt-233/Westmoreland/Rome and drive for .7 miles. Turn right onto Cider St and drive for .1 miles. Turn right onto Hwy 233 and drive for 5.7 miles. Take the Rt-49 W/Rt-69 W/Rt-365 W ramp to the left and drive for .4 miles. Take the Rt-49 W/Rt-69 W ramp to the right towards Rt-26 N/Rt-46/Downtown Rome and drive for 1.3 miles. Keep right onto Rd and drive for 3.3 miles. Keep right onto Rome Westernville Rd and drive for 17.5 miles.

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