Moshier Upper Falls, Webb Twn, Herkimer County

Moshier Upper Falls on the Beaver River, the beginning of the thundering adventure!

Parking and Trailhead: See below
Stream/River/Watershed: Beaver River
Height of Falls/Type: Various
Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: Described within the comments and notes

Looking for action and adventure, this is a must see location for you. The Moshier Upper Falls section is part of the American Whitewater rafting route. This area is open to public two times per year.

There are several waterfalls along this section. Four named waterfalls and several unnamed ones.

It is yet unconfirmed if there is public access to these upper waterfalls year round. Some sources state that it is, but if the gate is closed, there ARE posted signs. The best time is to plan going when there is a whitewater event being held. The downside is parking is horrible, and you may find you will have to walk the entire way up the road to the first waterfall at the dam. This is about a 2-mile walk one way. The first parking area is located at N43.87017 W75.13762, which is down below at the gate. The second parking area, if the gate is open is at N43.88574 W75.11301.

There is usually a time frame in which the whitewater activities are held. The gate is open that morning and closes in the late afternoon. Choosing the first morning or late afternoon will assure you to find parking further up without walking that two extra miles.

At the top, you will see a small path down to the water’s edge for a very nice view of the waterfall there known as the #1 Moshier Upper Falls-Put-in slide: 43.88741, -75.10983. To see the other waterfalls, you will have to go back out towards the road, turn to your right and walk up along the pipeline. There is a small post with a trail sign, which is hard to see the location is N43.88385 W75.11946. You will enter the woods to your right, a small scramble to get down from the pipeline. The path is pretty easy to follow. There were black garbage bags tied to trees to help guide along the way. Again once you get to the water’s edge you will have to find spots to get good views of the waterfalls. The trail from the pipeline to the river is .4 miles one way. The waterfalls that can be viewed from this trail are: #2 Moshier Upper Falls-First Falls: 43.88630, -75.11907, #3 Moshier Upper Falls-Second Falls: 43.88694, -75.11994, #4 Moshier Upper Falls-Mauser’s Faceplant: 43.88776, -75.12259.

It still has to be determined the access for the rest of the waterfalls here, whether the trail continues, or they are accessed from the Moshier Lower Falls trail. The waterfalls here are #5 Moshier Upper Falls-Falls: 43.88225, -75.13001  small falls left side of island, #6 Moshier Upper Falls-Falls: 43.88007, -75.13170, #7 Moshier Upper Falls-Falls 43.88637, -75.11403 rocky section, #8 Moshier Upper Falls-Falls: 43.88363, -75.12810 chute like appearance left side of island.

For more detailed information and photos on this location please visit Bobbieswaterfalls

Directions: From County Rte 28 and Big Moose Rd, in Eagle Bay, Get on Big Moose Rd and drive north for 5.8 miles. Turn left onto Big Moose Rd and drive for 11.7 miles. Turn left onto Number Four Rd and drive for 5.7 miles. Turn right onto Moshier Rd and drive for .6 miles.


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