Finger Lakes Region

Waterfall Near Mertensis - Mertensia Falls

Mertensia Park – Mertensia Falls – Farmington

A tiny but picturesque waterfall near Mertensis, NY Is this a typo or a real place? You decide. We have done some searching for the town of Mertensis with no results showing. Even historical topographical maps do not show a town by this name. So we are to assume that the waterfall shown in this postcard is the one located formally in Farmington very close to Mertensia Park. If you have more information, please help us find out more about this location […]

stony brook state park

Stony Brook State Park – Dansville

Boasting as many waterfalls as Watkins Glen, this park needs to be on your bucket list! Unlike many of the other parks that include large gorges, this park offers you a chance to walk on the creek bed while the trails are open for the season. There are as many as a dozen waterfalls on the main trail that travels through the gorge and many more in the surrounding trails of the park. Some of the waterfalls: Stony Brook Falls […]


Adams Eden Camp – Rattlesnake Gulf – Lafayette

Rattlesnake Gulf – Adams Eden Day Camp – More than just awesome waterfalls! While Rattlesnake Gulf, located in Tully Valley, is privately owned by several persons, the owners at Adams Eden Camp extend a warm welcome to responsible individuals and families to visit their little slice of heaven. A day pass, at the time of publishing this article, is $4 for an individual pass and $8 for a family pass. This is extremely reasonable as the property has days worth […]


Ithaca Falls Natural Area – Ithaca

Ithaca Falls Natural Area This beautiful 150′ waterfall is located near the end of Fall Creek on the outskirts of Cornell University. The last of over half a dozen waterfalls on this creek, it is the biggest by far. Ithaca Falls can be viewed from the bridge downstream and can also be seen up close, since wading is allowed, with caution. The waters of the creek can get quite high during wet weather, so viewing areas can change dramatically depending […]


Taughannock Falls State Park – Trumansburg

Taughannock Falls is a must see, when traveling through the region! Taughannock Falls State Park is an incredible area with several waterfalls to visit. The viewing of these waterfalls ranges from parking lot views to standing right below the tallest waterfall in the park. Parking areas for the park are easy to find; there are lots located right off Rt. 89, Taughannock Park Rd and at the top of the gorge on Jacksonville Rd. Trails are in abundance in this […]

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