Foxes Falls, AKA Illion Falls, Herkimer County, New York


Foxes Falls is an incredible journey, but make sure to wear your journeying pants (and shoes)!

Foxes Falls – Historical Name – German Flats
AKA: Ilion Falls

Location: Ilion
County: Herkimer

Park/Area: Polly Miller Gulf
Parking and Trailhead: 42.97640, -75.04613
Stream/River/Watershed: Unnamed Stream in Spinnerville Gulf
Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance:

Comments/Notes: When we visited this waterfall, the access road was closed forcing us to walk quite far to reach the actual waterfall. The location was marked on Google maps, but we were not absolutely sure we hit the true location until a later visit confirmed it.

It’s important to walk a bit further up the creek than you would have expected. The great thing about this location is that if you were to get lost, you could follow the creek in either direction to one of the closest roads for assistance.

This location is a good drive with a relatively short hike, but it provides enough activity, and space, to create a day worth of travel. Pack in some food, bring your dog and hang out for some rest and relax. It is not often this location is overrun with hikers, so it is prime for anyone who needs their weeks dose of forest bathing.

We did not get a complete photo of the main falls, but it is fair to say that you will not be disappointed.

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Directions: From I-90 W, in Herkimer, Take exit 30 to the right onto Rt-28 towards Herkimer/Mohawk. Turn left onto Mohawk St. and follow this route for .1 miles. Keep right onto Hwy 5s W and drive for another .4 miles. Turn left onto Warren St. and drive 1.6 miles and turn right onto Ward Rd. Follow for .7 miles until turning left onto Warren Rd. and drive for another 1.7 miles, turning sharp right onto Spinnerville Gul Rd. From here you will drive a little over half a mile before you see a small access road on your left. If open, follow this road to the end and then follow the creek upstream to the main waterfall.

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