Trenton Falls Scenic Trail (10 Named Waterfalls)
Oneida County, Trenton Twn/Russia Twn

Date Visited: 10-7-2006 10-7-2012 5-11-2014 3-27-2016

Stream or River: West Canada Creek flows into the Mohawk River

Resources Used: Note: 10-16-2021 some of the following links are no longer valid, and I cannot seem to find these pages.

More information can be found on the trenton falls scenic trail website. This Is Open Two Times A Year. Check Their Website For Dates. Flood of 2006

Waterfalls in order: Morgan Dam (Village Falls), Sherman Falls, Potash Kettle and the Narrows ( Cascades Of The Alhambra), Lower High Falls, Upper High Falls, Mill Dam Falls (Upper Falls Or Squires Falls), and Hydro Dam and Falls.

From I-90, in Utica, Take exit 31 to the right towards I-790/Rt-8/Rt-12/Utica and drive for .8 miles. Take the Genesee Street North ramp to the right towards Rt-5/Rt-8/Rt-12/Rt-49/I-790 W/Watertown/Rome and drive for .4 miles. Keep left onto Trenton Road and drive for 1.6 miles. Continue on Cr-91 N towards Rt-12/Glass Factory Road and drive for .3 miles. Take the Rt-8 N/Rt-12 N ramp to the right and drive for 8.9 miles. Turn right onto Highway 28 and drive for .8 miles. Keep left onto Trenton Falls Road and drive for 1.2 miles, which takes you to the parking area.
Parking area:  Trenton Falls Rd N43.27489 W75.15850
The Primary trail (stone dust) is approximately 1 mile long. The secondary trails (wood mulch) follows along the gorge.

Listed in the order which the waterfalls will be seen:
Morgan Dam at Trenton Falls Aka Village Falls
Morgan Dam Falls, Trenton Falls, Oneida County, New York 9-17-2006









Sherman Falls at Trenton Falls
Sherman Falls, Trenton Falls Scenic Trail, Oneida County, New York









Below Sherman Falls
Below Sherman Falls, Trenton Falls, Oneida County, New York 5-11-2014









Potash Kettle and the Narrows at Trenton Falls Aka Cascades Of The Alhambra
Section above Sherman Falls
Lower High Falls at Trenton Falls and Upper High Falls
Trenton Falls, High Falls and Upper, Oneida County, New York 











The current trail stops here, back in 2006 I was thankful I had the opportunity to go to its end.
Mill Dam Falls and Hydro Dam At Trenton Falls Aka Upper Falls Or Squires Falls
Trenton Falls, Hydro Dam, Mill Dam Falls, Oneida County, New York 10-7-2006









I am still trying to narrow down exactly what section or falls the following are referred to historical.
Bridal Veil Falls at Trenton Falls
Suydam Falls at Trenton Falls

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