Watauga Falls - Delhi

A short easy hike to this beauty is just what you need!

According to the ADA, the location is posted and should be avoided: “based on reading the police reports, is that the property is posted at several points along the trail to the falls. The arresting officers consistently mention that they have pointed out the signs that the hikers have walked past at the time of arrest. The hikers who have entered onto the property so far have all been charged with Trespass under Penal Law Section 140.05. This section of law carries a fine of up to $250, an additional surcharge of $125 from New York State, as well as the possibility of up to fifteen days in jail.”

Dig The Falls is going to attempt to work directly with the local officials and landowner to ensure we can provide as much support in protecting the property as we legally can. Removing this post, in this case, would not be beneficial since we had already published the information. The next best thing we could do is provide a very clear statement that the property is not to be trespassed upon.

If asked, Dig The Falls will side with the landowner in any legal claims against trespassers to the property. We take landowner writes very seriously and ask you to do the same.

With this said, there are other locations nearby – Please refer to the bottom of the page for other locations that are publicly accessible.

Hike safe and happy waterfalling!!

Stream/River/Watershed: Falls Creek
Height of Falls/Type: Over 12 feet/Varying crest depending on flow
Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: Posted

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