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Waterfall Wednesday Clickety Click Dec. 16th 2020

By Bobbieswaterfalls


Can you folks believe that next week is actually Christmas already! Today was another crazy day, and I had yet to even consider what I was going to do for this weeks Clickety Clicks. So this is going to be one that is of my thoughts.

I read this week that there was another trail cleanup day in Troy. The volunteer crew is making super headway on the project. Let’s see, been chatting with my sons and confirming our plans for Christmas as much as we can long distance. My focus has been to be ready here at home for their arrivals. Gosh, words are not flowing in my head tonight!

Well Sugar Plums, Sugar Cookies, and Peppermint Sticks

Christmas Trees, Lights and Garland

We wish You all a Merry Christmas!


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