Woodstock Dam and Falls, Greene County, New York 8-17-2013

Waterfall Wednesday Clickety Click Oct. 20th 2020
by Bobbieswaterfalls

Good Morning Folks! Food for thought, I have no clue what was in my mind for doing colors of October! I took notes on what I was thinking, but hello, not making sense a week later.

Colors, colors, colors, as I look out my window the colors I see are: (took my grandchildren outside with me and they chose the colors) below is what they gave me to work with. I think I will use some help from Dig the Falls on this one.

Don’t forget to click on the clickety clicks

Maroon– Marooned: leave, trapped, Isolated, I typed “Lost” in search on Dig the Falls, and it brought up this location, in which I never made it in far enough for the actual waterfall. I had planned on going back, but sources are saying both access ends are now posted. This has yet to be confirmed.

Cherry Red– What comes to mind is a place near Cherry Valley, that I have been to.

Orange– I have never been to Orange County. The word “Orange” does not give me a quick location thought.

Yellow– Chuckling, follow the Yellow brick road

Green– Places I have been to, Easy peasy, Green for Greene County

Red– Rennselaer County comes to mind as I say “Red” We as Dig the Falls team did cleanup work here. For the wikiloc trail click here

Brown– When I typed in a location that included the word “Brown” It brought me to this location I have been to.

Lime (Yellow and Green)- For this one I typed “Yellow” in search on Dig the Falls, and this location came up as a choice, a location in Lewis County, An area I went to back in 2010.

I would say that this post was, lets say, all over the board! Next week I am wrapping up October with October locations. Till then, hope some of this was interesting!


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