Hanging Spear Falls, Essex County, New York 10-15-2008

Waterfall Wednesday Clickety Click Oct. 7th 2020

by Bobbieswaterfalls

With last weeks introduction of the Waterfall Wednesday Clickety Click, I decided to try it a few more weeks. Who knows, maybe more! I have seen some likes, but looking for some fun engagements from our Waterfall Friends.

How about asking me a question in the comments, that I could use in next weeks Clickety Click??????

For today, these have popped into my thoughts:

What was my most memorable Waterfall Hike/Location? Click here

What was my most least favorite Waterfall Location? Click here
This one may surprise you, as it is not a difficult location.

What Waterfall location did I visit around this week of October 7th? Click here

So this time I have provided a little more information inside the clicks. And I would like to see some suggestions for the next round. Have Fun!


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