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Wiscoy Falls – Wiscoy

Wiscoy Falls

A short drive from Letchworth State Park, Wiscoy Falls is well worth the detour!

Falls: 42.50442, -78.08276

Parking: 42.50482, -78.08212

Parking is roadside, the property is posted, but why visit? I’ll tell you, that even if visited from the bridge that these are well worth the visit.

It has been long known that if you respect the land surrounding the falls you can visit with no issues. The falls are posted and they are also part of an old hydro-electric facility, although the facility was quite small. When walking up the creek you will eventually come to the old dam used to control and divert the water flow. It’s massive!

Parking roadside can be precarious, due to the positioning of the bridge at the bottom of a hill, on a sharp corner. So stay safe! Other than that, the best way to visit is to stay to the right side of the bridge, looking upstream at the falls.

Specs: There are four main waterfalls and the dam. Only during very high water will there be much water flowing over the dam. The drops are significant enough that you want to take care during your hike, but not so significant that you couldn’t take your whole family for the adventure.

For more New York State waterfall locations, please visit our New York waterfalls map.

  • Wiscoy Falls

Closest Geolocated Address: 11601 Wiscoy Rd, Portageville, NY 14536, USA

Wiscoy Falls – Wiscoy

11601 Wiscoy Rd, Portageville, NY 14536, USA

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