Asking for opinions on several waterfalls 4/24/2015

Asking for opinions on several waterfalls 4/24/2015
I am working on a personal project. I will be posting several different waterfalls. I am asking my family, friends and all viewers to please take a moment of your time. Go to each set of locations, either leave a comment, or like the photo you think is the best. Please take the time and look through the entire album, as the photos were taken in different years and seasons. Should the album contain the different season, please vote for a photo in the different season also.

I will be posting this on several waterfall groups and pages. So to some it may look repetitive posting.

The more opinions I receive the better the end result will be for me. I thank everyone in advance for taking the time to do this for me.

In the future, after I initially get started and this works out, I will be posting, and asking the same. This first round will be quite big.

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