Black River Section DEC Map 3 (4 Waterfalls)
Lewis County, Leyden Town
Stream or River: Black River flows into Lake Ontario
Resources Used:
Forestport to Lyons Falls Black River Section
Roots Web-Port Leyden Industries

Denley Dam and Falls
Date Visited: 10/18/2014
Closest Intersection: Highway 12 North and Thomas Road and Denley Lane
Location: N43.54545 W75.32450
Parking: N43.54589 W75.32541
Landmark: Denley Dam Hydroelectric Project Ferc 5571-NY
Elevation: 875 ft
Type: Dam and Falls
Hike: Short

Head south on NY-12 for 2.8 miles, Destination will be on the left. Drive down in and park in the small parking area.
Accessed from the West side of the Black River (Leyden Town)

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Port Leyden Dam and Falls Port Leyden Town
Date Visited: 10/18/2014 10/16/2008
Closest Intersection: East Main Street and Hubbard Street
Location: N43.58337 W75.34011
Parking: N43.58346 W75.34175
Landmark: Port Leyden Elementary School
Elevation: 875 ft
Type: Dam and Falls
Hike: Roadside

From the intersection of Highway 12 and East Main Street and West Main Street in Port Leyden, take East Main street .2 miles. The Dam and Falls will be on your left.
Rock Island Dam and Falls is located about .2 miles further downstream.

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Rock Island Dam And Falls
Date Visited: 10/18/2014
Closest Intersection: Lincoln Street And Church Street
Location: N43.58647 W75.33865
Parking: N43.58592 W75.33900
Landmark: Rock Island Hydroelectric Project FERC # 6380 also a canoe launch and fishing access
Elevation: 850 ft
Type: Dam and Falls
Hike: Short
From the intersection of Highway 12 and East Main Street and West Main Street, drive north on Highway 12 for .1 mile. Turn right onto North Street and drive .2 miles. You will come to a dirt road on your right that leads down to the dam and falls.
From the parking, which ends at the facility, you will see the dam first. There is a small path to the left of the fence to which you can view the falls that would be to the left if you were to be looking up at the dam. At that same point on the other side you can look up a channel that comes down the left side of the road and dam. To view that channel from the top, just walk back up the road a bit to the small bridge that you crossed over, where the gate is located. It is possible that this stream is called Cold Stream according to topographical maps. Also while you are on the bridge look further way upstream and you can see Port Leyden Falls from here. Johnson Falls and Dam is located further downstream, about .6 miles.
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Johnston Falls Dam Town of Lyonsdale
Date Visited: 9/20/2015-I had visited the area, but there was no water going over the dam or falls.
Closest Intersection: Kelpytown Rd and Mechanic St and Road
Location: N43.59134 W75.34416
Parking: N43.58961 W75.34549
Landmark: Boat Launch
Elevation: 825 ft


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