Blue Ridge Falls

Blue Ridge Falls is a roadside gem with excellent views

Blue Ridge Falls is a 20ft fall that is made up of a number of small drops and ledges. Formed on The Branch, which runs alongside Blue Ridge Road for a short distance, it is visible from the roadside at a pull-off with ample parking.

The Branch is fed partly by Elk Lake, a popular destination where lodging is available at the Elk Lake Lodge, just a short distance from the falls. Another nearby hiking destination is Tahawas, the Upper Tract and the newly opened Boreas Ponds area. Tahawas and the Upper Tract is an entry point into the High Peaks for hikers and is the site of a former mining town.

To get there: Blue Ridge Falls from the Northway, take exit 29 and turn West onto Blue Ridge Road. Drive approximately 2.4 miles. The falls will be on your left just after Blue Ridge Campground which is on the right.

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