Oak Orchard Falls, Orleans County, New York 4-12-2014

Waterfall Wednesday Clickety Click Oct. 14th 2020
by Bobbieswaterfalls

Good morning Clickety Clickers. As I sit here thinking about what I would like to post on today’s Clickety Click post, I am looking outside and there are about 13 big fat turkeys out there, and it is raining. We also seen what appeared to be a white squirrel running and collecting acorns.

This leads me to our Clickety Clicks for today.

A waterfall location I visited in the rain in the month of October click here

One of my fall waterfall location click here

A waterfall location that begins with the letter “O” click here

A county that begins with the letter “O” click here

Next week’s Clickety Clicks will be covering colors of October!



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