Standing at the bottom of Bridal Veil Falls, Niagara Falls State Park 2007

Waterfall Wednesday Clickety Click Jan. 13th 2021
By Bobbieswaterfalls

Hello Everyone, How is everyone doing so far into the New Year? I am struggling in getting back into routine in some areas of my days and weeks.

Today’s Clickety Clicks, hmm off the top of my head, I would like to randomly ask questions.

What waterfall location have you visited in the month of January? Click
What was the deepest snow you hike in to a waterfall location? Mine was when I went to Rennselaer County Click
What was the coldest temperature that you actually visited a waterfall location? Mine was December of 2007 Click

Okay, now I am cold, till next week folks! Have a good one.

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