Akron Falls, Erie County, New York 4-13-2014

Waterfall Wednesday Clickety Click Dec. 30th 2020

By Bobbieswaterfalls


Good Morning Everyone, hope everyone had a nice Christmas Holiday and all set to bring in 2021 in a safe and joyful manner. I for one, cannot believe how fast the week just went by! My sons have both gone back home, and today I am still cleaning up and putting the house back together. I actually love it when my boys leave something behind, gives me that sense of feeling they are still here.

What I learned today:
A question that was presented to Dig the Falls, was answered this morning. Does anyone know what the “Onondaga Necklace” is? Karra Schultz of NY Hikes and Waterfalls, has provided information on this. Clickety, Click, Click,
and Click

I am going to end this with a question for everyone to think about and have ready for comment next week. What are at least two goals you have for the year 2021, besides the fact we all have hope that Covid will end!



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