Buttermilk Falls – Canastota

Buttermilk Falls, Lincoln Twn, Madison County, New York

What’s with all the “Buttermilk Falls in New York?


Parking and Trailhead: 43.04881, -75.71109
Stream/River/Watershed: Limestone Creek
Height of Falls/Type: 30 ft, Cascade
Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: Roadside view only – Private Property

Located in Canastota, this cascade can be seen from the roadside only. It is best not to assume the owner of the property wishes to be disturbed, so use this location as a pass-through to some other more accessible locations. We wanted to include this location because it is still very beautiful and can create a very nice stop off during a long trip or while you happen to be in the area for other reasons.

Due to the difficult visibility created by the overgrowth of the gully during certain parts of the year, this cascade is best seen in the spring or fall when leaves and brush are not in full growth.

Directions: From I-90 W, in Canastota, Take exit 34 to the right onto Rt-13 towards Canastota/Chittenango and drive for 4.0 miles. When you cross route 5, it changes to Oxbow Rd. Turn left onto Old County Rd W and drive for .2 miles. Bear left onto Timmerman Rd and drive for 1.7 miles.

  • Buttermilk Falls, Lincoln Twn, Madison County, New York

Closest Geolocated Address: 4336 Timmerman Rd, Canastota, NY 13032, USA
Location Lat/Long: 43.048672

Buttermilk Falls – Canastota

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