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Buttermilk Falls State Park – 8 Named Waterfalls, Ithaca

Buttermilk Falls State Park – 8 Named Waterfalls, Ithaca
Buttermilk Falls State Park, Tompkins County, Ithaca, New York

Stream or River: Buttermilk Creek flows into Cayuga Lake

There are several falls of varying heights and types. Other named waterfalls here are: Pulpit Falls, Shower Bath Falls and Pinnacle Falls.

Dates Visited:
5/06/2012 7/15/2006 9/02/2006
I have yet to see all the falls here in the park. We only made it maybe to the top of the Main Falls due to it was really pouring rain that day. I wanted to include all the information I have accumulated since 2006. If the information I provided here is different or wrong, or you have additional information to provide, feel free to let me know.

Maps and Resources used to gather information:
Western New York all outdoors Atlas & Field Guide Publication 2008 103 C6
200 Waterfalls In Central & Western New York “A Finders’ Guide” By Rich And Sue Freeman 2002
New York Waterfalls “A Guide For Hikers & Photographers” by Scott E. Brown 2010
World Waterfall Database

From I-81 S, in Whitney Point, Take exit 8 to the right onto Rt-79/US-11 towards Rt-26/Rt-206/Whitney Point/Lisle and drive .3 miles. Turn right onto US 11 and drive 29.5 miles. Keep left onto E State Street and drive .1 miles. Turn left onto S Aurora Street and drive  .1 miles. Turn right onto Prospect Street for 252 ft. Bear left onto Prospect Street for 424 ft. Bear left onto E Spencer Street and drive .2 miles. Turn left onto S Cayuga Street for 165 ft. Keep right onto W Spencer Street and drive .2 miles. Enter roundabout Roundabout for 147 ft. Take the 2nd right onto Elmira Road and drive .4 miles. Bear right onto Elmira Road for 103 ft. Turn left onto Elmira Road and drive 1.1 miles. Turn left onto Buttermilk Falls Road E and drive .1 miles.                

Length of Hike:   
Gorge Trail: 0.75 miles. Strenuous
Rim Trail: 0.75 miles Strenuous
Bear Trail: 0.5 miles. Moderate
Lake Treman: 1.5 miles. Easy

Parking areas:
Parking                    N42.41718 W76.52123  
Upper Parking Rd       N42.40935 W76.51213  
Upper Parking Rd 2    N42.40166 W76.51393

Buttermilk Creek And Falls aka Main Falls
Lower and Upper section has the viewing platform in the middle.
Falls: N42.41599 W76.52045
Height: 180 ft
Elevation: 450 ft
Type: Cascade

Pinnacle Falls in Buttermilk Falls State Park
Falls: N42.41111 W76.51654
Landmark: Pinnacle Rock
Height: 30 ft
Elevation: 833 ft
Type: 2 steps

Pulpit Falls in Buttermilk Falls State Park
Falls: N42 26.004 W76 29.100
Landmark: Pulpit Rock above the falls
Elevation: 750 ft
Type: 2 tiered

Shower Bath Falls in Buttermilk Falls State Park
Falls: N42.41060 W76.51509
Landmark: above Pinnacle Rock
Elevation: 850 ft

Lake Treman Falls
Falls: N42.40050 W76.51276

Owl Creek Falls
Falls: N42.41174 W76.51006
Height: 70 ft
Type: Steep Cascade

Starting from Highway 13 Buttermilk Falls Entrance North to South and parking areas

           Waterfall                   Location                          Elevation
1 Buttermilk Creek Dam       N42.41633 W76.52130   452 ft
2 Buttermilk Lower Falls      N42.41599 W76.52045
3 Buttermilk Upper Falls      N42.41507 W76.51953   610 ft
4 Waterfall in                           N42.41447 W76.51911   672 ft
5 Waterfall 1                            N42.41365 W76.51854   741 ft
6 Waterfall 2                            N42.41333 W76.51828   752 ft
7 Pulpit Falls                            N42.41303 W76.51804   778 ft
8 Buttermilk Creek bridge   N42.41190 W76.51731   800 ft
9 Pinnacle Falls                       N42.41111 W76.51654   833 ft
10 Waterfall 3                          N42.41070 W76.51544   846 ft
11 Shower Bath Falls             N42.41060 W76.51509   850 ft
12 Flume Falls                         N42.41033 W76.51441   870 ft
13 Buttermilk Creek falls on    N42.40892 W76.51263   874 ft
14 Buttermilk Creek falls on 2 N42.40273 W76.51101   904 ft
15 Lake Treman Falls                  N42.40065 W76.51291   951 ft
16 Owl Creek Falls                       N42.41162 W76.51002   873 ft

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