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Channel Partners and More

New York State Waterfalls need your help, and we want to give you an easy way to be the hero! Dig The Falls is looking for Channel Partners to team with! For the first tier, we will be looking for fellow volunteer organizations, and like-minded outdoors people and organizations, to become Channel Partners. We will also be looking for local businesses for the second tier of Channel Partnership. The spots will be fully vetted and first come first serve. Completely […]

Beecher Creek Falls

New York State Waterfall Challenge

A State of Waterfalls Awaits You! Here at Dig The Falls, you won’t find too many competitive posts, as we feel that being a team with the outdoors and everyone who explores it is very important! But the New York State Waterfall Challenge is our one exception since because we believe it facilitates what we are all about: educating visitors on these beautiful locations and promoting the safe and ethical use of these scenic waterfall areas. While we have had a couple of […]

Cleanup Day at Burden Pond – Troy, NY

Burden Pond Recreational Area and the Narrows Project The Narrows Cascade and Heritage Trailvis a multi-year project that will require hundreds of volunteers, will span half the City of Troy, and encompasses many acres of natural and green spaces within the City. While what we did today was a small stone to this very large pond, the ripples will be what empower the next steps of this massive community purposed project! Truly a project for the surrounding communities, “the Narrows” has the […]


The Innocent Waterfall in the Age of Misplaced Blame

By John Haywood Please note: This opinion article speaks bluntly and takes on the harsh reality of the dangers of disregarding the hazards at waterfalls. It is not meant to be derogatory in any way. It is meant to be an eye-opener in an effort to save lives. Waterfalls are not deadly. They do not seek to kill or harm; they simply exist. Waterfalls are innocent. What is deadly at a waterfall is poor decision-making, a lack of respect for […]

Poet’s Ledge, Hillyer Ravines

Poet’s Ledge is a very unique area. Not many hikers do it because it’s not one of the high peaks and because it’s off the beaten path. Finding the beginning of the trail is really difficult. The one thing that stands out in this area is……bears. Lots of bears like to roam around in the Kaaterskill Mountain Range. There is a lot of water and a lot of sources of food for them like blueberries and grub. Blueberries like to […]

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