Sullivan Trail, and Pioneer flowering and grist mills in the area of Hector

“A log saw-mill was built by Reuben Smith in 1795 or ’96, on the creek at Peach Orchard. In 1801, Samuel A. Seely erected a cloth-mill at Hector Falls, and in 1805 a log grist-mill. The stone that was used is still there, is in the possession of Mr. Mattison, and is about two and a half feet in diameter. Prior to the building of this mill, all grain that was ground, except by that primitive mill, the hollowed-out stump and wooden pestle, was taken by canoe to Hopetown, on the outlet of Keuka Lake. This mill was built about 1800.” http://schuyler.nygenweb.net/1879Hec.html

A little history for the town of Hector: https://www.hectorny.us/home/pages/history-town-hector

Quoted from: http://schuyler.nygenweb.net/1879Hec.html

“The town is drained by many creeks, one of which, Cranberry Creek, rises in the center of the town, flows in a southwesterly direction, and empties into Seneca Lake. Bennetsbury (1) and Burdett are situated on this stream. Hector Falls is also on this stream.* Several other streams in the northwest part of the town empty into Seneca Lake, among which is Breakneck Creek, near north Hector. The other streams are Taghanic, and its tributaries Bolter and Mecklenburgh Creeks, which flow in an easterly direction through the town, and unite in Ulysses, gliding along almost uninterruptedly towards Taghanic Falls, so steady and so quiet in their flow that, like many a calm life in our midst, we are only aware of its presence by the strength and refreshment it seems born to distribute. but only for a season does the stream thus calmly glide. A plunge is beyond, fearful in its immensity, and most picturesque in its grandeur. The change is coming. The waters are hurrying, the stream widens, all is preparing; and when they reach the magnificient rock, standing with stern and silent eloquence between the two miles of the chasm, out from its edge they dart, down, down, 215 feet, into the dark, seething, circular basin below, their bright drops catching many a mimic rainbow to light their passage, and weaving a soft and luminous veil of spray to mark their fall.” I am still trying to locate where Taghanic Falls is.

The historical marker for the Sullivan trail is located on Route 96 between Interlaken and Ovid, New York.

Another historical marker for the Sullivan trail.

Massacre & Retribution: The 1779-80 Sullivan Expedition

For additional reading on the history of the Sullivan trail, grist mills etc.







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