For some time Dig The Falls has been 100% self funded (bootstrapped). A few years ago we upped our efforts to find other funding sources so we could make even more of an impact.

Recently we were blessed enough to join a group of fellow waterfallers in Facebook called NY Hikes and Waterfalls. Karra, the admin, started offer waterfall swag and offered the earnings to Dig The Falls to help aid in trail cleanup activities!

We are blown away for her generosity, and the groups energy!!

To date the sales from the group have awarded Dig The Falls:


11-Nov-2020 Update: With two donations within a month totaling $150, we couldn’t be more humbled!
We go through hundreds of trash bags a year (we hate to admit it because we would rather just have a bin next to us, but try pulling a bin a mile into the woods…), dozens of working gloves, 5 gallon buckets, water and snacks for volunteers, and more. We also use a plethora of tools to create and maintain trails in our surrounding communities, sometimes breaking them in the process.

With the generosity of Karra, and the greatness of the community that has grown around a similar thought process and set of values, we will be able to get even more materials for our future trails days! Speaking of which – If you have not signed up for our newsletter, please do so. We try to mention all the trail days ahead of time!

We plan to update this page whenever there is more funding added and to disclose what the funds were used for. Check back anytime!

Thank you group and Karra!!!

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