Eagle Falls, Lewis County, New York

Where Eagles Really Fly!


Eagle Falls – Lowville

Location: Lowville, Watson Town
Park/Area: —–

Parking and Trailhead: N43.90231 W75.19695
Stream/River/Watershed: Beaver River
Height of Falls/Type: Rapids Narrow Slides and Drops
Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: Moderate to Difficult .8 mile round trip.

River bifurcation (from Latin: furca, fork) occurs when a river flowing in a single stream separates into two or more separate streams (called distributaries) which continue downstream. Some rivers form complex networks of distributaries, especially in their deltas. If the streams eventually merge again or empty into the same body of water, then the bifurcation forms a river island.

River bifurcation may be temporary or semi-permanent, depending on the strength of the material which separates the distributaries. For example, a mid-stream island of soil or silt in a delta is most likely temporary. A location where a river divides around a rock fin, e.g. a volcanically formed dike, or a mountain, may be more lasting. A bifurcation may also be man-made, for example when two streams are separated by a long bridge pier.

Description This crag runs alongside the Beaver River just downstream from Beaver Lake. The rock is very brittle, but has unusual hidden holds that make the faces, aretes, and roofs very climbable. The natural crack lines tend to be chossy and, due to the nature of the brittle rock, a bit suspect.
This cliff is in a pleasant, remote area with open woods and great swimming holes a mere feet away. There is no road noise; in fact, the sound of the pounding rapids is so load that communication with a leader is often impossible. The cliff is packed with high quality lines, most of which were put up since 2008; they are in the second edition of Adirondack Rock. Highlights are Class Five, one of the largest climbable roofs in the Adirondacks that sits above a noisy rapid, Promiscuous Girl, a stunning arete, and El Supremo, a tricky, super-exposed face.

  • Look for a Canoe/Kayak boat rest on your right, just past this is a parking area on your left with a sign, the trail is straight across from parking.
  • From the parking area, take the stairs down under the penstock and go right.
  • The river will be on your left.
  • The trail is very easy to follow. There were some very wet/muddy spots.
  • The first .1 mile, there are some small ledges/cascades nothing big but very scenic in spots.
  • Your first view of the bottom portion of Eagle Falls is at about .2 miles.
  • In a couple hundred feet more, you will come to the section they call the overlook, at this overlook is a very popular rock climbing wall, as well as your about straight across from the bottom of Eagle Falls.
  • Continue further along the trail, and it will bring you right to the river. Here you will find a plank laying there, “used by everyone” and will need to use that to cross over. It may not be possible to cross during high water, plan on getting wet feet. Please return the plank back to where you found it.
  • As you reach the other side, look for a well beaten footpath going up the side of the rock.
  • Use caution, as soon as you reach the top, make sure you know or have marked this spot, as returning back down from above does not look the same and can easily be bypassed.
  • Once you at the top you will be standing on flat smooth rock, and it slants downwards towards the river. This can be very slippery.
  • Walking up or down this area is possible with caution and sure footing.
  • This top section is the actual Eagle Falls
  • Retrace your steps to return to parking area

The Lower section
Following the directions from above, instead of crossing the river, continue walking up, with the river still to your right. This section does not have a trail. You will be picking and finding your way to the top at the dam above. Please extra caution, as the ground changes to walking on smooth rock and similar to the above section at a slant. The moss and leaves make it very slippery.

For additional information and photos of this area, please visit bobbieswaterfalls

Directions: From the intersection of Hwy 126 and Hwy 812 and Covent Rd in Croghan, take Covent Rd East for .3 miles. At this point Covent Rd name changes to Kircherville Rd. Continue East on Kircherville Rd for 2.6 miles. At this point you will be at the intersection with Erie Canal Rd. Continue straight. The road name now changed to Soft Maple Rd, which is also Beaver River Rd. Continue on Soft Maple Rd for another 9 miles. Turn Left onto Canoe Launch Rd for .7 miles. Which takes you to its end at the Eagle Falls Dam and Canoe Launch.

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